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Arcane Voice

Arcane Voice is a goa-trance project digged by Nebojsa Vidic. He comes from a little town in Serbia called Krusevac. After few years in music, searching and exploring, he found connection with goa music and finally achieved his dream making this project. His sound contains cosmic melodies, screaming acid leads and unreal effects, which goal […]

Asmik 2


Born is Moscow Russia, Pavel Pasechnik, lives in Belgiums since the age of 3. Being intrested by music since his early teens, at the age of 14 he received his firs electric guitar which propulsed him first into the cold world of metal. He ‘s influenced still today by this style but also by guitarist […]



Ephedra is Alexandre Cohen, a Belgian producer/ dj born in Brussels. Alex musical trip started around 1998 when he discovered electronic music. He began slowly to buy dj equipment and started to play progressive trance for his own pleasure. After some years training with the decks he got intrested in many others electronic styles like […]



GoaTree started to make music a long time ago on his uncle’s atari xl. Only 3 channels and some 8-bit sounds were available but, at that time it was quite enough and good fun…Then his uncle bought a PC with a 386 processor so he switched to Fasttracker 2 and tried to make something that […]



JaraLuca ( Lukasz Zajac ) is a goa / psychedelic trance project from Poland. Lukasz started making music in the summer 2012 without any musicans skills or knowledge .His friend MiraCeti came from his first OZORA Festival in 2012 and showed Lukasz what psytrance and goa is all about. Exactly at this time Lukasz started […]

NF 1

Nova Fractal

Renato Brnić aka Nova Fractal is a well-known and internationally recognized Croatian goa trance artist who comes from Slavonski Brod. His musical style can be described as a psychedelic mix newschool goa with oldschool elements and a strong focus on melody lines. His previous publications such as EP “Main Sequence Star” (Neogoa) and debut album […]

ohm mind

Ohm Mind

Ohm Mind is Jeremy Cambon, a Belgian producer born in Brussels. Jeremy discovered Goatrance while he attended a Goa Madness party in Brussels in 2007. He was immediately hooked by the spacy and futuristic sounds of this style. His project started around 2008 when he met some friends who showed him the basics of production. […]



My name is Tomislav Crnčić, and I live in Zagreb, Croatia from the day I was born, on one autumn day back in 1976. Being first impressed with electronic music from Depeche mode, Yazoo, Erasure and similar bands, soon I discovered trance, hard trance and rave music from the early 90s. But the turning point […]



Proxeeus is Jerome Lesterps, a French dude born in southern France not too far from Avignon. He discovered Goa Trance in 1999 after randomly stumbling upon a track called “Aurora Borealis”, from legendary act Astral Projection, but it’s not until late 2010 that he started getting interested in trying to make this kind of music; […]



Born in 1977 Daniel Eldstrom came in contact with the creation of music using synths in early years from his two older brothers. 1992, Daniel started experimenting on his own in a bigger midi studio and in 1995 he finally got his first opportunity to perform live at a local rave-party arranged by friends. The […]