Ephedra: What The Future Brings is OUT NOW!

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We are very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: “What The Future Brings”
After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm’s.
The album starts with some more twisted feelings. In Search Of Flying Saucers, Flowing Into The Night, Twisted Keys & Machiavellian will reveal some different atmospheres of what Alex showed us in the past.
Expect deep atmospheres, weird lead sounds, growling acids & melodies. The album then introduces 2 collaborations: Savannah Monk trail (feat Imba) will reveal an atypical tribalistic track filled with groovy percussions and wicked samples, while Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus) blends perfectly the acidic & twisted sounds of the French master Jerome Lesterps with some more mellow and floating melodies.
The album then evolves into another dimension. Return To The N Life & Deep Inside Feelings will bring a very powerful groove with euphoric melodies. Floating souls will make sure you have a proper landing with some beautiful & deep sounds.

We hope you will enjoy this album and if you ask yourself what the future brings… Well, the madness continues!

Omnivox: Surrender OUT NOW!

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We are proud to present you the new Omnivox album: Surrender! After many releases on various labels such as Spacedock records, Timewarp records, Code Vision records, Global sect records, Ovnimoon records and so on, Tomislav is now back with a full-length release of 9 powerful & carefully crafted tracks. “Surrender” will take you on a fast-paced journey through Omnivox’ visions and mind states. This album will provide you a full spectrum of what this style has to offer nowadays: sometimes melodic, sometimes acidic, sometimes tribalistic, and sometimes exploring darker & more twisted dimensions. >From the positive melodies of “Sky above orient”, “Spatial Encoder” & “Step to heaven” to the more crazy & wicked sounds of “Memory lost” & “Gift of unsanity” we hope you will enjoy this ride as much as we did! Surrender yourself, for that is the path to truth. The Madness continues!


JaraLuca: Fata Morgana is OUT NOW!

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We are proud to present you the new album of JaraLuca: “Fata Morgana”
After the success of his first album on Neogoa Records and after several compilation releases on labels such as Timewarp records, Ovnimoon records, Mamomam records and much more, Lukasz Zajac is now back in full power with 9 carefully crafted tracks! This album will give you a good dose of madness with sonic twisted sounds, groovy massive basslines and cutting-edge lead & fx’s.
Most of those tracks have already been tested and approved on many dancefloors around Europe and worked out as real tsunamis!
If you like Goatrance with a massive dancefloor approach, don’t miss this one!
Enjoy the madness! 


Hypnoxock: Eurythmia is out now!

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Goa Madness Records is proud to present you the 3rd studio album of Hypnoxock: “Eurythmia”!

After numerous releases on labels such as AP records, Goatrance music & more, Victor Solsona is now back with 9 carefully produced cosmic tracks!
This album will bring you back to the roots of Goatrance with a modern touch. Expect swirling melodies, crazy fx sounds, groovy basslines and psychedelic atmospheres blended to give you a perfect balance between Goatrance & Psytrance.
This release is also celebrating the 15 years of existence of Hypnoxock, so don’t hesitate to grab your copy and discover this unique piece of art! 

Enjoy the madness!

Proxeeus: Weird Tales is finally released!

We are very proud to present the second album of Jerome Lesterps aka Proxeeus: “Weird Tales”. After the success of his first album on Neogoa Records, Jerome is finally back with his epic acid sounds, tortured leads and groovy rhythms. With a true respect for the sound of classical Goatrance from the late 90’s, this release will kick you back in time and make your body and mind shake like never before. Many of those tracks have already been approved on several dancefloor’s around the world so, don’t hesitate! Grab your copy and enter the madness!


Nova Fractal: Transcendence EP is OUT NOW!!!


We are very proud to present you the new EP of Nova Fractal: «Transcendence»!

After numerous releases on labels such as Ovnimoon records, Timewarp records, Suntrip records, Goa Madness records etc… Renato Brnic is now back to fill your ears with emotional melodies and typical grooves! This release starts with «Mystery of life» a pure Goatrance beauty filled with spacy leads and atmospheres that will make you fly with your eyes closed. The second track, «The wheel of time» will for sure become a true dancefloor stomper! Massive leads and groovy beats blended together to deliver a pure moment of joy! This release ends with the remix made by Ephedra, giving another dimension and a more euphoric approach to «Mystery of life».
If you are a true melodic Goatrance lover, this EP is a must have in your collection!

Enjoy the madness!

Buy Here: Beatspace

Odyssee 2016 @ Berlin


We are happy to confirm that Goa Madness Records will be well represented @ Odyssee 2016 in Berlin for NYE!
Ephedra, Ohm mind & Kuririn will rock the Goa Roof at this fantastic event.
Take a look to the complete lineup and check all the info by clicking here.
See u on the trancefloor :-)